Breathe gently...

DOOM ROOM is a church.
An immersive Virtual Reality performance that guides our perception of identity.

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The oracle welcomes the audience and perform communion. One at a time a blindfolded audience of six enters a room.

Here they embody a hunter with a bloody heart in his hand. They go through a spectrum of emotions and spaces that all try to make their heart beat.

But by traveling through these constructed realities of hyper sensuality and suspension they find themselves searching for meaning, which in the end will resolve in their realization that they themselves are physically present in the only narrative available - their own.

The performance is recommended by Information, Politiken, Teater 1 and the danish cultureblog Kulturshot, gives it 6 out of 6 shots and adds:

"Doom Room is a sensuous and surreal experience that leaves you with food for thought.
An experience you dont want to miss!".

DOOM ROOM is an art installation commissioned by I AM Vodka.

I AM Vodka approached the creators of Doom Room and gave them a simple, yet complex task: create an installation that moves us. The idea behind this approach was to stop conforming to traditional marketing approaches and instead let the true creatives create something real, raw and extraordinary.

For that purpose the duo was given 100% artistic freedom to envision something that was not constrained or restricted and instead they were tasked to imagine and create the opposite: something free and limitless.

What are you waiting for?

Die and be reborn in the DOOM ROOM.


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Mads Damsbo

behind the scenes



DOOM ROOM is written and directed by Jesper Dalgaard and produced by Mads Damsbo and Makropol.


Featuring a guided meditation by the legend Stephen Pende. An encounter with the tallest man in Denmark - Morten “The mountain”. The epic dance moves of Nicolai Jørgensen with the erotic bravery of Marcel Mate. The dominant protection from Sumana and Umar Oog. The grace of Elizabeth Shønenberg from the Sunshine Duo. And introducing the huge and frail talent of Christian Mollerup, the daring of “The Unknown Huntsman”, Victor Zacharias Schmidt as Elias and the uncompromisable presence of The Jugend.

The DOOM ROOM Cerimony at Chateau Motel was performed by: Iza Mortag Freund as the oracle, Nanna Møllgård Madsen as the boss, Balder Brüsch as the enabler, Victor Zacharias Schmidt as Elias, Simon Theis Hansen as the watchman, Marcell Máté as the pleaser and the proud crew behind Chateau Motel.


Executive Producer Anders N. Berg, SFX by Ian Bach, costumes by Charlotte Weber, assistant directing by Mads Hedegaard, ideas from Sturla Brandt Gørvlen and Jesper Clausen, production design by Mina Lejbille and Anne Oddershede, scores by Johan Carøe, editing by Denniz Göl Bertelsen and consulting from Julius Krebs Damsbo and Johan Knattrup Jensen, sound-design by Mathias Dehn, 3d unwrapping and mix by Brian Dyrby, hardline managing from Maximillian Mayershofer with the help from Natalja Binzer and Frederik Hermind, VR assist from David Kristensson, new age lighting from Miki Shack and Christoffer Gulløv, behind the scenes shots by Michella Bredahl and Jeffrey Hunter, drone chauffeuring by Tao Ahler, grip assistance from Michael Tøt, stunts by Jacob Malm, eminent casting by Ditte Kiel, styling and makeup by Gabriella Tipsa Bruun and Flora Velloso, Balder Brüsch as post-producer & webmaster, and of course, dedicated VR app-development and hacking by Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen.

special thanks to:

Khora VR, Artcast, Slowmotion FX, Lysudlejningen, Redrental, Kattegatcenteret, Mother, Yoburger and Chateau Motel’s Daniel Walther & Frederik Grundwald.

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